About the Blog

We all live in an ad world; any space we physically occupy and any bit of media we consume is littered with thousands of messages aimed at selling us something, whether it’s an idea or a product, and most of us try to pay as little attention to it as possible. While the common consensus is general animosity towards advertising as it can be both obnoxious and intrusive, the medium itself is still an important, powerful, and often times creative tool of communication when used effectively; it has radically changed global culture, greatly influences our perception of the world around us and shouldn’t always be considered a nuisance or societal ill when the intent and outcome of an ad is relatively innocuous. The cultural shift from using what’s considered “old media” to using “new media” has forced the modern advertising paradigm to evolve efficiently, and as a result the space we now digitally occupy has been now been littered with the same thousands of the advertising messages we tried to get away from!  In this blog we will be discussing how modern advertising is adapting and changing in the digital age, and what to expect from the use of advertising in social media.


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