Social Media Didn’t Generate Much in Sales During Black Friday

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IBM has released new survey about online retail performance during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales bonanza, and it looks like social media marketing decided to skip the whole weekend. According to the results of the survey, networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube generated only 0.34% of online sales referrals during Black Friday. That’s a 35% decrease in sales compared to 2011’s figures. Cyber Monday’s figures were slightly better (if you’re an optimist): social networks only generated 0.41% in online sales.

Twitter fared far worse; the results showed that Twitter pulled in a whopping 0% of online sales referrals for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That should be unsurprising; as the survey results showed, while social media wasn’t used best for sales referrals, people turned most to social media to post how much they liked shopping online this year.

Mobile traffic, on the other hand, grew about 67%  on Black Friday. Many shoppers turned to their iPads this year for their shopping, which took close to 10% of all mobile online shopping traffic.

Check out IBM’s Holiday Benchmark report for more results on this recent weekend sales event. I can’t wait to see the results for Christmas Eve shopping.


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