In Celebration of Ada Lovelace Day 2012

  1. Addgene
    It is Ada Lovelace day–join the wikithon in her honor and for all women in science & technology –
  2. jemimasol
    First woman astronaut spent longer in space than all previous men put together. Thanks #ALD12 great evening in London
  3. LeahLibresco
    On Ada Lovelace Day, post about women in science, tech, and math. I picked Thomasina and the Tech Ladies Mafia #ald12
  4. avilarenata
    If you see names of amazing women missing from my Ada Lovelace Day article, please let me know! #ald12
  5. shannanpalma
    I know technically Ada Lovelace Day was yesterday, but that Wikipedia project should be year round. 😉
  6. JacquelynGill
    Happy Ada Lovelace Day! Honoring Dr. Evelyn Chrystalla Pielou #ALD12 #womeninscience

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