How To Eat Noodles Like A Boss

Fast business!

This video is hilariously confusing for more reasons than just “it’s in a different language and I can’t understand it.”

  • Am I the only person who thinks that the guy eating the noodles look a little like Jean Claude Van-Damme? Probably.
  • The lady on the right is typing on her keyboard, but the screen shows her playing solitaire.
  • I like how after he snorted the chili powder, he rubbed the residue from his nose and into his mouth. Clever.
  • I’m sure the narrator at the end did not say “fast business.”
  • The website is relatively dead with the exception of a link that leads to to buy a mug from them, which is sold out. Which is a shame, because I was really looking forward to eating these noodles at work and having to explain to doctors in the emergency room why I thought snorting chili power would make me “a boss.”

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